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Everyone knows that things costs less if it they are maintained in a good condition. We go to the Doctor’s office for a check up, not because we are broken, but because we want to stay healthy. The Doctor takes samples and runs lab tests, looks and listens to our bodies, and then makes recommendations for us to lead a more healthy life. This can save money and aggravation in the long term.

In much the same way, technician looks and listens to your HVAC equipment, changes filters, checks components and tests them, then makes recommendations for the health of your equipment. As in the example of the medical analogy above, it can save money and aggravation in the long term.

Good preventive maintenance measures for HVAC equipment often means simply paying attention to the signs of wear and cleanliness.

A good steady program of changing filters, checking belts for wear and adjusting them to prevent slippage, among other common industry standard preventative maintenance procedures is paramount in keeping your hvac machinery in good efficient working order.

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