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Filter Maintenance

Most people understand the need for filtration, whether its the filter which keeps particles out of their drinking water or the filter which keeps the air clean entering the engine of their car.  The filters for your air conditioning unit are no different.  They are there for a purpose.  They keep the air clean which is circulating through the system.

Some people are of the misconception that the filters are to keep the air in the room clean for breathing and as long as they don’t feel they are breathing “dirty air” then they give the filters no thought, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The filters are there for the equipment.  Dirt is a destroyer of equipment.  Without proper filtration the coils in your evaporator would become clogged and the system would eventually stop working.

Dirty filters cause two basic problems.  A filter that is dirty causes air to seek a less restricted path and dirty air flows through the system.  There is a greater strain on the system to try and supply the system with air flow, thereby causing more strain on all moving parts of the system.  Having a program which maintains the cleanliness of equipment filters is essential to the systems efficiency.  Not only will you save money by keeping your A/C filters clean because your A/C units will run more efficiently, but you will save money on repairs that won’t be needed because of failure due to the extra strain caused by dirty filtration.

HNAC Services has a maintenance program designed just for you.  We will personalize our service to fit your individual needs.  Not only will we change out your A/C filters, but while we are there we can inspect for other wear problems, such as slipping belts, motors that pull too many amps, or other recognized maintenance items that are tell-tale signs that a problem is going to occur.

You take care of your car by maintaining it with oil changes and filter replacements, its time to do the same with your expensive HVAC equipment.  Let HNAC Services help you save money.


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Special Services

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis performed on existing and new equipment. On your existing equipment this can find bearing failure before costly damage occurs. On new and existing equipment this can be used to establish a base line for future inspections.